IT is a service organization. Internal workloads such as email, voice, file services, authentication, collaboration and role-based applications are services IT teams work to deliver to employees.  Each of these services is governed by the needs of the business and the policies that govern their delivery.  Is voice more critical than email?  How about the ability to secure the intellectual property created by users?  

The Vivid IP team works with IT organizations to understand these business values and helps translate it into an actionable technology delivery strategy.  We will identify the tools needed for services that can and should be delivered internally versus managed services that can be delivered by external services providers as effectively.  The team works to build the balance customers look for to be able to deliver business value.  For example, what is the value of internally building and managing a VDI infrastructure when the same can be delivered using a third-party service?  The answer lies in the business policies that govern the organization.  Our team helps bridge the gap in making these determinations, bringing the right solutions for each delivery challenge to the forefront, thus enabling the IT team to spend less time doing research and more time creating value for the business.

How we help you:

  • Needs assessment
  • IT strategy review
  • Services RFP creation and management
  • Technology evaluations
  • Desktop as a Service solutions
  • Managed services selection

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